Behringer is teasing another synth and the first person to guess it wins one

(Image credit: Behringer)

It's been over a month since we've published a story about Behringer, and given the company's recent history of attention-grabbing teases and shocking synth announcements, that feels like forever. 

Finally, slaking our thirst for a good tease, the company has taken to its Facebook page to post an image of a PCB design for a forthcoming synth. What's more, the first person to guess its identity correctly in the ensuing thread will get a unit themselves.

(Image credit: Future)

There are already a thousand comments on the post, so naturally, the chances for you to win it yourself are going down; although Behringer does like to throw a curveball from time to time.

Currently, the hivemind's opinion is that the circuit looks a lot like a PPG Wave 2.3, but the jury's still out.