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Behringer deletes ‘CorkSniffer’ apology as Peter Kirn tells people not to smash up their synths

Smashed Behringer TD-3
(Image credit: Paul Ferrer/Twitter)

The tale of Behringer’s controversial CorkSniffer video has taken another turn, with the company deleting company boss Uli Behringer’s apology for it from its Facebook page.

The video, which appeared to mock respected music technology journalist Peter Kirn, was removed hours after it was posted, following an internet outcry.

Uli Behringer went on to publicly apologise to Kirn and “anyone who felt offended,” but this apology has now been removed. 

Kirn, meanwhile, has Tweeted to say that, while he appreciates the support that he’s received, he’d rather people didn’t smash up their Behringer synths, as British composer Paul Farrer did to his TD-3.

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