Arturia’s Synclavier V 2 can resynthesize a sound from a single sample

When New England Digital introduced the Synclavier in the late ‘70s, that wasn’t quite the end of the story. The company ended up releasing various optional add-ons for its mighty digital synth, and now Arturia has followed suit by announcing version 2 of the Synclavier V, a plugin emulation.

Developed in collaboration with Cameron Jones, the original instrument’s inventor, Synclavier V 2 offers a new vintage sampler. Drag and drop samples into the plugin and they can be played back and processed, and all with that much-sought-after vintage digital graininess.

There’s also resynthesis; load up a sample and the Synclavier V will generate a sound out of it using wavetable and FM synthesis techniques. Again, you can edit the sample and tweak all of the plugin’s parameters to refine your sound.

Synclavier V 2 features hundreds of new presets that are designed to show off its features, and sounds from the original New England Digital sample library files are included as well. Improvements to the interface and operation have been made, too (see below for the full list).

The Synclavier update forms part of Arturia’s V Collection 6.2, a revised version of its software suite. This also includes integration with KeyLab MkII, new presets for all the instruments and bug fixes. It costs €499, while the Synclavier V can be purchased for €149.

Find out more on the Arturia website.  

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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