Arturia launches 6 plugins that it says you’ll actually use

Arturia has announced new Filter and Preamp plugin packs and says they feature plugins that you’ll actually use.

In the Preamp pack you will find the 1973-Pre, is a modern take on Rupert Neve’s classic solid-state pre, complete with switchable boutique transformers.

TridA-Pre is based on Trident Studio’s A Range consoles, while the V76-Pre models the classic Telefunken tube tone at the heart of the 'White Album' sound, integrating a rare shelf EQ for extra control.

On the filter side of things, you get the SEM-Filter, which has been perfectly recreated from one of the earliest self-contained analogue synths, with an added sequencer.

Elsewhere, Arturia claims it has cracked the code of Dr Moog’s renowned ladder filter with the Mini-Filter, while the M12-Filter is modelled on Tom Oberheim’s formidable multimode filter that was found on the Matrix-12. The plugin also features twin filters, mod osc and random generators, a mod matrix, and programmable envelopes.

Until 5 April 2018 you will be able to get both plugin packs at an introductory price. The '3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use' pack will be available for £189 and £285 after the promotion; the '3 Filters You’ll Actually Use' pack will be available for £95 and then £189 after the promotion.

For more information check out the Arturia website now.

Simon Arblaster
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