"Give your music the excitement it deserves": Arturia releases FX Collection 5, adding a new exciter and limiter and two EFX multi-effects

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Arturia has updated its renowned collection of effects plugins, bringing two new and two existing titles to FX Collection 5. 

The two new effects are Bus Peak and Bus Exciter, two processors designed to be used on your master bus chain. Bus Peak is described as a "pro-grade" limiter that combines tone control, clipping and limiting with loudness and True Peak metering. The plugin is aimed at helping you achieve optimal loudness in your mix while maintaining clarity and detail.

Bus Exciter is an exciter effect that's capable of enhancing both your low end and high frequencies via separate modules. The Exciter module will boost your high-end content to improve its perceived loudness, enabling you to dial in additional harmonics to bring texture and shimmer to the sound, while the Big Bass module adds body to your low-end. 

What's more, FX Collection 5 now features two existing Arturia effects, EFX Refract and EFX Motions. The former is a dual-stage, unison-based multi-effect that multiplies a signal eightfold then runs it through one of five effects, BandPass Filter, Comb Filter, Bitcrusher, Distortion and Harmonizer, each of which which can be added to those eight voices and processed individually before being summed back together. 

EFX Motions is another multi-effect plugin aimed at bringing motion to your mixes, combining five effects (Noise, Drive, Filter, Volume and Pan) and a Beat Repeat module with a variety of sophisticated modulation options that includes envelopes, step sequencers, envelope followers and randomizers. The plugin's capable of producing everything from subtly evolving sonic manipulation to glitchy, IDM-esque carnage.

Alongside these four additions, FX Collection 5 features 30 titles that you'll find in its previous iteration, covering a broad range of applications and including everything from analogue-modelled chorus and filter plugins to lo-fi tape emulators and savage distortion effects. 

Find a full list of the plugins in FX Collection 5 on Arturia's website.



(Image credit: Arturia)


(Image credit: Arturia)
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