Apple recruits former Universal Audio exec: what could this mean for Logic in 2023?

Apple has recruited one of Universal Audio's top executives, leading to excitable talk about the impact that this could have on Logic Pro in 2023. 

Dave Tremblay has been appointed Senior Manager of Apple's Audio Systems division. Prior to his recruitment, Tremblay was Vice President of Technology and Chief Architect at Universal Audio, a position he held for over nine years.

Before his time at Universal Audio, Tremblay worked for Avid, the maker of Pro Tools. While at Avid, Tremblay was chiefly responsible for developing AAX, Avid's audio plugin platform. He has also worked at Sonoma Wire Works, the maker of RiffWorks, and the now-defunct BIAS Inc.

Although Tremblay's hire took place late last year, we were alerted to the development this week by YouTuber The Band Guide, whose video, 'HUGE news for Logic Pro X in 2023?' is embedded above.

In the video, The Band Guide's Colin Cross makes a variety of predictions based on Tremblay's hire. Cross suggests that Apple may be planning on bolstering Logic's suite of stock plugins with more analogue emulation plugins, similar to those produced by Universal Audio. Cross also raises the possibility of Apple upgrading Logic's mixer to emulate the analogue summing achieved by classic recording consoles. 

Logic Pro already contains some tools that offer analogue emulation: the Vintage EQ Collection models three classic analogue EQs, and Logic's stock Compressor plugin emulates vintage hardware like the Teletronix LA-2A and SSL Master Buss Compressor. Tremblay's hire suggests that Apple will be expanding its suite of analogue emulation plugins to provide producers looking to recreate the sound of classic gear with a wider array of options.

Cross makes some credible predictions that have us fervently stroking our chins, wondering where Apple might take Logic this year with Tremblay at the helm. Could it be developing a subscription-based platform like Universal Audio did with Spark? (Unlikely, we'd say.) Could it be developing its own audio interface that's made exclusively for use with Logic? (Also pretty unlikely, in our view.) Only time will tell. 

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