Animals as Leaders drummer Matt Garstka switches to DW drums

Animals as Leaders returned earlier this month with single, Monolyth, their first new music in five years. Now DW has announced that drummer Matt Garstka has joined its roster of artists, choosing to playing DW drums and hardware exclusively.

Garstka, who is currently in the studio with Animals As Leaders recording the band’s as-yet untitled fifth album has selected DW Collectors Exotic shells for his new kit, featuring a mix of woods and configurations.

Talking about the switch, Garstka says, “I get to play the best drums in the world now, of course I’m stoked! DW is the final piece of my sonic puzzle, so naturally, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. I have always played organic, exotic finishes and DW is king when it comes to exotics.”

DW's VP of marketing, Scott Donnell adds “Matt’s work is so impressive.  He’s a guy that takes the instrument and artform to new places. Further inspiring him with new possibilities—it’s the reason we do what we do."

Matt Garstka joins DW roster

(Image credit: DW Drums)

Matt Garstka’s full setup and sizes 

DW Collectors Series Exotic w/Black Nickel hardware

22”x16” bass drum (x2)

10”x8” rack tom

12”x8” rack tom

14”x14” floor tom

16”x16” floor tom

14”x6.4” Knurled Bronze snare

9100M Round throne

9300 snare stand

MDDHH2BK MFG hi-hat stand

MCDBK MFG single bass drum pedals (x2)  

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