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Analog Waveforms is a free plugin that samples the sound of a Dave Smith synth

SampleScience Analog Waveforms
(Image credit: SampleScience)

SampleScience’s Analog Waveforms is a free plugin that does just what its name implies: provides the basic waveforms of an analogue synthesizer. These were sampled from a Dave Smith Instruments Mopho.

Each waveform - sawtooth, triangle, saw-triangle and pulse-width at 40% - was multi-sampled note-by-note across seven octaves, and each sample is 10 seconds in length. The result, we’re told, is “an accurate and genuine sonic representation of an analogue synthesizer”. 

All the samples are looped for sustain notes and freely available for download outside the plugin if you want them. The plugin itself also includes a multi-LFO, room reverb, high-pass/low-pass filter and amplitude range controls. It can operate in polyphonic, monophonic and legato modes.

You can download Analog Waveforms for free on the SampleScience website. It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU formats

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