AmpliTube users: here's how to grab IK's filthy OverScream for free

OverScream Amplitube 5
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

Until the start of November, AmpliTube 5 users can grab IK Multimedia's OverScream - for free. Happily, the offer also applies to users of the Italian FX firm's free Custom Shop version of its moreish modelling behemoth.


The AmpliTube OverScream is a nicely filthy emulation of Ibanez's Tube Screamer, the classic overdrive/distortion pedal first brought to prominence by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and subsequently deployed to good effect by top players like Bonamassa, John Mayer and The Edge. Its lairy mid-range bark and simple controls see it sitting proudly in our very own guide to the best cheap guitar pedals you can buy right now.

How to get your free AmpliTube OverScream
There are some minor hoops to jump through to nab IK's offer. In order to redeem your free OverScream pedal simply follow the below steps.
• Log into your IK account and head to your User Area
• Use the pop-up message to Redeem your promotional item and sign up for the Newsletter, if you're not already
• Download and open the IK Product Manager
• Select Manage My Products, then using the Software tab, click the Install and Authorize button to the right of AmpliTube 5
• If you already have the latest version of AmpliTube 5 installed (version 5.5), please enter the Menu inside AmpliTube 5, navigate to the Account tab, and select Restore Purchases

Learn more about AmpliTube 5 over at IK Multimedia.

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