AIAIAI launches 'first ever' wireless pro studio monitors (the 'first' being ultra-low latency)

AIAIA claims that its UNIT-4 speakers are a 'world first' in professional wireless studio monitors. And while they are certainly not the first Bluetooth monitors aimed at studio use, AIAIAI is focusIng on that word 'professional' with its claims.

The likes of KRK, M-Audio and JBL will certainly take issue with that 'world first' claim – with those companies and more having released Bluetooth speakers that are aimed at studio users. But the inherent problem with Bluetooth is the latency you get between playing a note and hearing it back via your wireless headphones and monitors, and that seems to be where the central part of AIAIAI's 'world first' claim lies.

The inherent problem with Bluetooth is latency, and that seems to be central to AIAIAI's 'world first' claim

The company's UNIT-4 2-way active monitors feature 'ultra-low latency wireless audio' so cut down on that latency. It's the same W+ Link technology that was used in the company's TMA-2 Wireless+ headphones in 2021.

The speakers also feature 'precision tonal accuracy' which, of course, you want from your studio monitors, along with a wide and flat frequency response, and the specs of a +/-2dB variation over 50Hz to 20kHz certainly suggest these. Each speaker has a folded bass vent and boosting EQ to deliver a cleaner bass extension down to 40Hz.


(Image credit: AIAIAI)

UNIT-4 also features other practical benefits you'll want from wireless speakers: a 20-hour battery life and reduced weight (2.5kg) for when you, presumably, want to use them on the move. (We've always loved the idea of having studio speakers we can take out and about and mix anywhere with, but have never once found ourselves in a situation where we've needed the option, but there you go - it's here if you need it.)

The speakers feature three modes of connectivity: Wireless+ ultra-low latency (with a latency figure of 16ms), Bluetooth and cabled. They each feature a 4-inch 'high-excursion' woofer and 1-inch silk-dome tweeter, and are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

The UNIT-4 monitors are available now prices at £350 a unit (£700/pair). Expect a MusicRadar review soon.

More information from AIAIAI.

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