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Affordable DIY synth kit aimed at all ages needs crowdfunding help

A new DIY synth kit has launched on Indiegogo called makeAsynth, and the maker needs your help in reaching the $1,000 goal.

The chief aim of the JVS-01 is to be accessible to all; it's designed to be a perfect learning tool for ages 3 to 80+m, and anyone who wants to know the basics of synthesis and how electronic music is generated.

The kit will include several projects, from making an initial sound to modulating pitch and the filter.

The aim of the Indiegogo campaign is to raise money not only for parts, but also to host the project website and create more educational build projects. 

The kit contains

  • 1pcs half-size 440 patch point breadboard
  • 65pcs patch cable
  • 1pcs 2 AA battery holder
  • 1pcs 20mm 0.015 watt speaker
  • 1pcs 8-pin DIP synth chip
  • 2pcs alpha 9mm potentiometers
  • 1pcs push button
  • 1pcs 330uF electrolythic capacitor
  • 1pcs 1Kohm resistor
  • 1pcs 1N4148 diode

Pledging for the project is set at just $19, which is 34% off the normal $29 price (and that also includes shipping). For more information and details on how to pledge, check out the makeAsynth Indiegogo page now.

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