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Ableton’s new video series aims to inspire and should help you get over writer’s block

(Image credit: Ableton)

Being stuck for ideas is nothing new and for those who have encountered it (most likely more than once) will know how frustrating it can be to overcome. Sometimes that creative spark eludes us and often the only way to get around it is to see how someone else does it.

Ableton has seen fit to help you in your hour of need by creating nine videos with artists showcasing how they create their own tracks, from the initial stages through to completion.

The Made in Ableton Live series looks at different the approaches each artist takes to their craft, from field recording and sound design to improvisational looping and hardware sequencing and much more besides. 

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Of course, it's not all about the creative spark and how to start making your tracks. The series takes a look at each artists' individual approach to every step of their own production journey. Taking in processing techniques, arranging, mixdowns and much more.

1. Bad Snacks

2. Eomac

3. Rachel K Collier

4. Abayomi 

5. Keychee 

6. Novaa

7. Underbelly

8. Anna Disclaim 

9. Freddie Joachim 

For more information and links to all the finished tracks, check out the full Ableton blog post.

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