Meinl unveils its 2022 cymbal and accessory line-up, and it's huge

Meinl new for 2022
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We'll have to wait until June for the NAMM Show 2022, but that doesn’t mean no new gear as some of the biggest and best names in the business begin to unveil their latest designs in January.

As well as its Drum Tech Kit, Meinl has started the ball rolling with a raft of new cymbals and accessories for 2022, including brand new signature products for Luke Holland, Benny Greb and Matt Garstka, additions to current ranges, and more. Let’s take a look at what they've been working on.

Meinl Byzance Traditional Polyphonic Crashes

Joining the Polyphonic Ride for 2022 are Byzance Traditional Polyphonic Crashes. They’re available as 18”, 19” and 20” versions, and Meinl describes them as “Expressively dark sounding” with a quick projection thanks to thin edge profiles. Meanwhile, a thick, un-lathed bell promises “penetrating attack and volume”.

Meinl Byzance Dual Trash China

How do you make a china more trashy? Add holes! Meinl’s popular Byzance Dual series has been given a trashy edge which Meinl says gives a faster response, more cut and a shorter sustain, meaning that it’ll sit nicely for accents without lingering for any longer than you want it to.

Meinl Byzance Artist Concept Matt Garstka Temporal Stacks 

Fans of fast, dry, spiky stacks will be excited about Matt Garstka’s new Temporal Stacks. There are two designs: the 8/8 Temporal Stack I and 8/10 Temporal Stack II. The first comprises a pair of splashes (8” and 10”), combining lathed and sandblasted/unlathed, brilliant finishes respectively.

The Temporal Stack II features a pair of 10” cymbals: a Byzance Trash China and Byzance Splash, once again combining brilliant and sandblasted finishes. The two stacks offer trashy, fast stack sounds fors accents, with a pitch difference between the two. 

Matt Garstka says, "I mainly use the Temporal Stacks within complex groove and chop patterns. The dry, trashy, staccato sound allows them to get in and out of tight spaces quickly. The stacks can absolutely be used as timekeepers, but the fun lies in orchestrating these into rhythmic patterns which will for sure open up a lot of creativity."   

Meinl Byzance Artist Concept Luke Holland Baby Stack

If you already know Luke Holland, you also know that his signature stacks are some of the best pre-configured pairings on the market. Here, he’s collaborated with Meinl to create the Baby Stack, which marries a Byzance 10” Trash Splash with a 12” Classics Custom Trash Splash. 

"My goal with the Baby Stack was to create a combo that I could use in any setting from metal to electronic to hip-hop." says Luke. 

"The beauty is its ability to cut through tremendously or sit back and be casually articulate. It's incredibly dynamic, and that’s why I will always use it in every show, recording, or video I do."

Meinl Artist Concept Benny Greb 6” Crasher Hats

Check out the comments on pretty much any Benny Greb video and you’ll see a reference to his 8” hi-hats. Now, Benny has worked with Meinl to create a smaller version in the 6” Crasher Hats. 

Meinl describes their character as a “Fine, high-pitched hi-hat, with a little more spread than you would normally get from a shaker”. We can see these being excellent in quieter playing situations. 

"I wanted something that was super short, dry, clear and high frequency but still very dynamic that could fulfil a whispering shaker-like role in the music. Tough to get!” Benny says. 

“So we had to create something completely unique. Four separate cymbals sandwiched together. They have different shoulders so they collapse against each other at every hit. 

"The result is incredible. A very unique sound that blends beautifully with ghost notes and other subdivisions, but can also make a percussive statement. They are part of my sound, I absolutely love them!”

20” Benny Greb Byzance Sand Thin Crash

Not content with one new signature release, BG has pushed the boat out by adding a new 20” Thin version of his extremely popular Sand Crash. Featuring the same sandblasted finish as its counterparts, expect a dark, vintage crash sound with a shortened, dry sustain. 

Meinl Pure Alloy Additions

The Pure Alloy series with its computerised lathing and cutting shimmer has been expanded with a 17” medium crash, along with a new pre-configured set comprising 14” medium hi-hats, 16” crash and a 20” ride.

Meinl Carbon Ripstop 22” cymbal bag

Transporting your gear isn’t the most exciting of subjects, but it is one of the most important. The Carbon Ripstop 22” cymbal bag features 600 denier woven polyester, can hold up to a 22” cymbal in the main compartment and 15” cymbals in the hi-hat compartment. There are four padded dividers (sewn into place), and you can even wear it on your back to keep your hands free for other gear!

Meinl Marshmallow Practice Pads

Meinl new for 2022

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If the heavy attack and thud of your pad is causing those around you annoyance, the Marshmallow Pad - available in 12” (Black Orange and Sea Foam finishes) or 6” (Black only) - might be the answer. 

Meinl says the Marshmallow’s thick 20mm foam surface helps to lower the volume without compromising on rebound. It’s got a non-slip bottom and can mount to an 8mm thread.  

Meinl Practice Pad Stand

Meinl new for 2022

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Tired of trying to balance your pad on a snare stand or that table that’s just the wrong height? This one’s for you. Meinl’s lightweight pad stand is made from powder coated steel and can extend from 48cm (19”) to 94cm (37”.

Meinl Cymbal Bacon (heavy)

Meinl new for 2022

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Nope, it’s not a mid-set snack. This is a new, heavier version of Meinl’s Cymbal Bacon chain, guaranteed to add some extra sizzle to your crashes or ride.   

Meinl Byzance Drum Key

Meinl new for 2022

(Image credit: Meinl)

If you didn’t know, drum keys are more popular than ever. Last year, Meinl released its Antique Bronze Byzance key, and for 2022 comes this tin plated beauty.

Meinl Super Flex Hi-hat tambourine

With 20 jingles (arranged as 10 pairs), as its flexible framework that will sit perfectly on your hi-hats, the Meinl Super Flex Hi-Hat Tambourine aims to make incorporating tambourine textures into your hi-hat grooves even more responsive and audible.

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