KHDK unveils the Ascendancy – a limited edition Trivium signature overdrive pedal

KHDK Ascendancy
(Image credit: KHDK Electronics)

KHDK Electronics is releasing a signature overdrive pedal developed with Corey Beaulieu and Matt Heafy of Trivium. 

The Ascendancy, which takes its name from the Florida metal stalwarts' second album, is the latest in long line of limited edition KHDK collaborations with high-profile rock and metal guitarists. 

In the past year, KHDK has developed the Sgt D. boost/preamp with Scott Ian, the LCFR overdrive/boost with Behemoth's Nergal, and a sui generis 'dickstortion' pedal with Fall Out Boy's Joe Trohman and Brian Posehn, My Big Fatt Rawk.

As with the Nergal LCFR, the Ascendancy is limited to 333 units worldwide. The enclosure is decorated with artwork by Dan Kurz, who references cyberpunk and Japanese masks in the design, with the circuit built by KHDK’s Antonin Salva.

This OD smashes all the legendary ODs across the board

Matt Heafy

Given that it is covering both Beaulieu and Heafy's tones, the Ascendancy is eminently tweakable. It has controls for Drive, Volume and Tone, with a trio of switches for making quick global changes to the pedal's tone and response.

KHDK Ascendancy

Early prototypes of the Ascendancy's circuit. (Image credit: KHDK Electronics)

On the far left of the pedal there is a Tight switch. In the middle you've got a switch to boost a mid. While to the right there is a Headroom switch, which presumably should help you add a little clarity to your riffing.

“I’m really blown away,“ says Matt Heafy. “I am a gear addict, so I like to think I’ve collected a bit of everything that’s legendary. This OD smashes all the legendary ODs across the board.“

The KHDK Ascendancy goes onsale today, 4 June 2021 from 12noon EST, priced $249, and is available direct from KHDK Electronics.

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