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8 must-have VST/AU multi-effect plugins you need in your DAW

Back in the days when hardware ruled the world, digital multi-effects units were something of a revolution. Combining multiple effects processors - reverb, delay, chorusing, phasing, etc - in a single unit, these powerful devices put all manner of useful sound-shaping tools within financial reach of the average home studio user.

Today, with access to effects in the software DAW being essentially limitless, multi-effects plugins serve a rather different purpose, bringing their component processors together in a more creative, ‘blended’ kind of way. From virtual guitar racks to wild contraptions for adventurous sound design, here are eight of the best.

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1. Soundtoys Effect Rack

Stack up and save/load any combination of Soundtoys 5 effects within this faux wood-clad interface. You can also pipe the entire output back into the input for wild feedback effects.

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2. Unfiltered Audio Byome

With over 40 effects modules on tap, most cribbed from Unfiltered’s other creative effects, this modular playground encourages the patching of some ace processors and modulators. 

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3. Softube OTO Biscuit

Modelled on a boutique digital effects box, this sequencer-driven processor for Universal Audio’s UAD-2 and Apollo DSP systems combines 8-bit crushing, waveshaping and analogue-modelled filtering.

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4. Native Instruments Molekular

Developed in partnership with Zynaptiq, this modular signal-processor lets you set up a custom combo of 35 signal processors and 16 mod sources, then morph between four global ‘states’.

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5. Sugar Bytes Looperator 

If complex rhythmic effects are your thing, this step-powered multi-effect and sequencer offers slicing, looping, timestretching, filtering, glitching and more.

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6. Dmitry Sches Tantra

Sequence two independent lines of up to six individual effects (Glitch, Lo-Fi, Flanger, Filter, Distortion and Delay), then apply master EQ and reverb. 

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7. Kilohearts Multipass 

This supremely talented multi-effect gives you the ability to create up to five frequency bands of Snapin effects modules, complete with modulation.

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8. Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 

Although it’s primarily a guitar processor (duh!), there’s nothing stopping you from piping your synths and beats through the 54-strong collection of modules.

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