7 things to expect on World Guitar Day 2017

WORLD GUITAR DAY 2017: The first ever World Guitar Day is just one day away and we’ve got loads of fantastic content and live events planned throughout the day. Here are just a few of the great things to expect on the day.

1. More lessons than you can shake a pick at

World Guitar Day is all about celebrating the guitar, natch, and this includes helping guitarists around the world improve their craft, as well as encouraging newbies to pick up a guitar for the first time. Keep your eyes peeled to our channels for a raft of fantastic lessons, tutorials, tips and features for all levels of guitarist.

2. The global guitar community getting involved

People are already gearing up to take part in World Guitar Day, like this guy who’s hosting a live gig on his YouTube channel at 9pm on the day.

What do you have planned? Got an ace video of your playing, an essential tip for guitarists, a great guitar-related story or a shot of your pedalboard you want to share with the world? Get involved by posting your guitar love on your social channels along with the hashtags #WorldGuitarDay and #WGD17.

3. The biggest guitar stars out in force

Amongst many other famous guitar folk getting involved in World Guitar Day, we’ll be publishing brand new interviews with blues guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, plus Kelly Jones and Adam Zindani of Stereophonics. 

Meanwhile, Pendulum and Faithless guitarist Peredur ap Gwynedd will be hosting a live Twitter Q&A on his channel at 3pm (UK time), while guitar master Joe Satriani will be manning his Facebook channel for a Live Q&A at 7pm (UK time) – from gear advice and inspiration, to technique and songwriting, this is your chance to grill the pros!

(Image credit: Marty Moffitt)

4. A celebration of the guitar's awesomeness

We’re a little biased here at MusicRadar, but we think the guitar is bloody amazing; and celebrating that is exactly what World Guitar Day is all about. If, like us, the guitar isn’t just an instrument but also a social tool and a form of therapy and escape, you’ll love our new feature on the physical and mental health benefits of playing guitar. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on the day, and we’d love to hear from you on the subject too.

5. Saluting guitar history

From the iconic players who have shaped guitar music as we know it, to the legendary guitars that have become synonymous with certain players and styles, we’ll be doffing our caps to the vibrant history of the instrument throughout the day. What is your axe of choice and why? And which guitarist inspired you to play in the first place?

6. Mega World Guitar Day deals

Some of the generous guitar industry folk are planning great World Guitar Day deals. Keep your eyes peeled to our socials for more info on the day.

7. The greatest riff ever, revealed!

You’ve been voting in your thousands in the run up to World Guitar Day 2017, and on the day itself our friends at TeamRock will be revealing the riff you voted as the greatest ever. Not happy with the result? Tell us which riff should have won and why!

Join us in celebrating World Guitar Day 2017! Get playing, and share your best guitar videos, pictures, tips and stories with hashtags #WGD17 #worldguitarday


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