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7 guitar projects to try on World Guitar Day

WORLD GUITAR DAY 2018: There are loads of cool tweaks and mods you can make to your trusty guitar to improve the action, tone and operation, and you don't need a degree in astrophysics to execute them.

Fancy adding pickups to your acoustic but don't know where to start? Or have you been meaning to mend that pesky broken jack socket for months? What better time than World Guitar Day to give your guitar a repair or upgrade! 

Here are seven of our favourite workshop jobs, with clear instructions designed to help you get under the hood of your guitar without fear of destroying your pride and joy. Time to grab the toolbox and your axe, and get stuck in...

- How to fix a broken strap pin

- How to fix a broken jack socket

- How to change pickups on a Telecaster

- How to install a new pickup selector switch

- How to set acoustic guitar saddle height

- How to install an acoustic pickup

- How to set your guitar up for drop tuning

 Join us in celebrating World Guitar Day 2018! Get playing, and share your best guitar videos, pictures, tips and stories with hashtags #WGD18 #worldguitarday