20 years on Benny Benassi and David Guetta get their Satisfaction

Benny Benassi
(Image credit: Benny Benassi)

Remarkably it's 20 whole years since Benny Benassi kickstarted the dancefloor's keen interest in masonry drills, angle grinders and heavy-duty breakers. So what better occasion than the track's anniversary to get back to work and give it a 2022 respin?

While it's the eye-popping video featuring a brace of ladies attacking a dayglo building site with the very latest in destructive/productive machinery that perhaps lives longest in the memory, it's the track's brutalist/minimalist sound that's all its own that deserves all of the credit. 

Featuring buzzing synths and flat monotonous synth robot vocals Satisfaction carved a brave new landscape for dance, being at once uniquely European in flavour, but becoming globally accepted as the new norm.

Now Satisfaction is back for double the fun as Benassi teams up with planet-smashing mega-jock David Guetta for that remake.

Benny Benassi David Guetta

(Image credit: Benny Benassi David Guetta)

Despite its age Satisfaction remains the 17th most played track at Belgium's Tomorrowland festival while that video has just slipped past 100million views.

The remake started out as a simple remix exercise for Guetta's personal enjoyment but turned out so well that it had to be shared.

“I actually first remixed the track as a sound design exercise for myself, but I liked the sound of it so much that I started playing it in my sets," says Guetta. "The reactions of the crowd were so crazy that I had to release it!”

Meanwhile Benassi chips in, “I’ve known David for over 20 years. I remember I would get messages from resident DJs in Ibiza who heard David playing Satisfaction at Pacha two decades ago! So he was definitely one of the very first supporters of the original version. 

"And when he played me his initial idea for this new version, I totally loved it. He’s made it current again, it’s very Ibiza with a really great intro and it’s perfect for today’s DJ sets. I played it out for the first time in Mykonos and people went crazy. Everyone was asking me what it was. I am really excited about this collab!”

Benny Benassi

(Image credit: Benny Benassi)

The track was officially released to streaming platforms on Friday August 12 and you can check out the new version with extra go-Guetta magic via Spotify here.

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