10-year-old Nandi Bushell plays guitar, bass, drums and sings on cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Under The Bridge - Flea approves

What's left after you face off with Dave Grohl in a drum duel? For the prodigious Nandi Bushell, you just keep playing and having fun. And as she's a one-girl band that means a lot of playing – this time on an impressive rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers classic Under The Bridge.

"This is one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands," says the 10-year-old Brit and she uses a Boss RC-505 looper pedal to lay down the guitar, bass and drum parts before singing and adding a guitar melody. She even does some improvisational dance. 

Chili Peppers legend Flea approves, and rightly so, responding on Twitter, "always love to Nandi"

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We're hoping Nandi is inspiring a whole new generation of budding musicians to take the stage in the future alongside her. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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