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Want to release your tracks on a major label? Here are some tips and tricks from the inside

When sending your tracks to a label it's sometimes hard to know exactly what it wants and expects from your music and you as an artist. Your chances of being signed up might improve if you have some insider knowledge of how major record labels work.

No two artists are the same and each label will treat every release with the bespoke service that it deserves. To effectively bring your music to a busy market will require your message being clearly planned an implemented and as such, every label will have a team behind you that will help market your music. 

To ensure any campaign runs smoothly you will need the help of a project manager that knows the market and how best to promote your music. So it's just as well that Hannah Trigwell is chatting with Markus Immesberger, who has over 9 years experience in developing, implementing and managing domestic and international multi-territory marketing campaigns for Sony Music, in another episode of the Backstage Pass advice series from Thomann.