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How to create bassline house style vocal chops

Funky vocal chops are a staple of bassline house. Here, we'll show you how to use them in your productions.

Click here to download the files you need to complete this tutorial.

(Image credit: Future)

Step 1: We can take generic sample pack vocals and turn them into something special with chopping and effects. Start by adding Vox CM.wav on a fresh channel. Set the vocal’s Warp mode to Complex, then pitch it up by +6 semitones. This gives us an old school, chipmunk-esque vocal. Let’s slice it up into a Drum Rack…

(Image credit: Future)

Step 2: Consolidate the audio to flatten the pitch change. Right-click and select Slice to new MIDI Track, with warping disabled. Now, we can use a MIDI keyboard or controller to replay the vocal chops in a new pattern. Hit record and lay down a few takes until you find something you like.

(Image credit: Future)

Step 3: Now we have some new vocal cuts, let’s add some effects. Load CM Verb on a new Return track and select the Gothic Cathedral preset. Turn off the Dry Level, then set up a -9dB send from the vocal channel to the reverb. Reducing the reverb time to 4 seconds gives the ambience a more ‘immediate’ sound.