Unlock The Secrets Of Jazz-Rock & Fusion...

If you've ever wanted to try fusion but found its jazzy harmonic sophistication and rock attitude a tad scary, then this month's Guitar Techniques is for you.

Head of Guitar-X in London, John Wheatcroft has looked at the harmonic, technical and musical concepts behind this wonderful form of music and laid it bare for you.

With ten fantastic examples, all explained with crystal clarity and with stylistically accurate backing tracks to try them over, you are literally led by the hand from the shallow end into deeper waters.

John has a great way with words and his understanding of music is unsurpassed, so you won't get a better chance to wade into the world of so many great jazz-rock players

If you love Holdsworth, Metheny, Henderson or Stern and fancy a bit of that too, then get GT when it hits the shelves tomorrow.