Supercharge your playing right now!

At Guitar Techniques we have some of the best music writers and players on the planet, providing you with unique content that's simply not available elsewhere and certainly not to the standard set by GT over 15 years at the forefront of guitar tuition.

This month we are delighted to have Guthrie Govan writing a brilliant technique cover feature. At GT we know that most players find themselves stuck in a rut from time to time and want to break free from the pentatonic's chains. Well that's exactly what Guthrie's done for you in issue 172.

Using the shapes and positions we already know, Guthrie shows us new notes to add, or which notes to change for a more sophisticated sound. He even uses those tried and trusted positions as the basis for sounding modal: you can play Dorian, Mixolydian and other exotic sounds without having to relearn the guitar neck!

This is a fabulous article, and it's aimed at players of all levels: you don't have to be a shredder or a sophisticated jazz buff to really get what's going on here.

So, supercharge your playing in easy steps, at your own pace. You'll love it!

GT172, December issue is on sale 5th November, so get it now and enjoy the fretboard fireworks!