Guthrie Govan masterclass and gig at IGF...

The International Guitar Festival (IGF) has confirmed that Guthrie Govan will be giving a workshop as part of the IGF and Summer School rock programme this August.

In addition, his cult jazz-fusion band featuring Zak Barrett (sax), Seth Govan (bass) and Pete Riley (drums) will be making a special appearance as part of the international concert programme. The concert will take place on Thursday 6th August in the Students' Union, at 7.30pm.

Guthrie is widely recognised as one of the most important British guitarists to emerge in recent years. His extraordinary technique and musicality have helped build an international reputation as one of the great players of our time. Guthrie has played and recorded with bands such as Asia and its offshoot, GPS. He´s also played on stage with Billy Sheehan, Robben Ford, Andy Timmons and Carl Verheyen.

Known for his astounding command of the electric guitar, unsurpassed technical ability and mastery of a variety of styles, these assets are equally matched by innate musicality. His Myspace profile lists quotes from various guitarists to this effect. Elsewhere, fellow virtuoso Joe Satriani has called Govan an ‘amazing´ guitarist.

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