Guitarist David Saw to tour UK record stores

In an increasingly digital musical world, it's nice to know that somebody is championing the cause for physical records and real record stores. Guitarist David Saw will be doing just this when he takes music back to its tangible roots and busks his way around the country's record stores from Leeds to London. His new single, Buy My Record was written before the shift from handpicking a disc to downloading a file truly began, and the record even takes the form of a miniature vinyl, complete with grooves. Buy My Record is not only a catchy, upbeat tune; it now translates as an unintentionally ironic foresight into the decline of the record store.

"It is a fun song to play and it always goes down well live. It's slightly ironic now as record stores are almost redundant." David Saw

David will be playing his record outside these record stores:

Tuesday 30th June 1pm Crash, Leeds
Tuesday 30th June 5pm Townsend Records, Chorley
Wednesday 1st July 1pm Square, Wimborne
Wednesday 1st July 5pm Chalky's, Banbury
Thursday 2nd July 1pm Sound Knowledge, Marlborough
Friday 3rd July 1pm Davids, Letchworth
Friday 3rd July 6pm Rough Trade, London

David also appears on Ben Taylor's latest album The Legend Of Kung Folk - Part 1 (The Killing Bite). Ben is son of James Taylor and Carly Simon.