Beatles and Blues!

Here are three more solos from Nev´s Total Guitar list… Remember we´d also like to see some of yours, but do them in the same format so they are also informative to other readers…

Track: Sweet Little Angel

Artist: BB King

Who played it: BB King

Genre: Blues

UK chart position: Didn´t chart

Why it rocks: Although not the father of electric blues guitar (that accolade must go to the great T-Bone Walker) BB King refined it into the art form we know today. On Sweet Little Angel, BB pulls out all the stops to create a glorious backdrop to his heartfelt vocal performance.

Find it on: How Blue Can You Get

Did you know? BB King almost never plays and sings at the same time. When he´s singing his arm hangs loosely by his side until it´s time to play a fill or solo.

Track: Double Crossing Time

Artist: John Mayall´s Blues Breakers

Who played it: Eric Clapton

Genre: Blues

UK chart position: 6

Why it rocks: This album defined a tone and a style that would be the inspiration for both Eddie Van Halen, Gary Moore and a million others. Double Crossing Time brims with dark, menacing blues licks taken from Freddie King´s repertoire and cranked up to new levels. It´s classic Clapton with major 3rds, 6ths and b7th outlining the song´s strong dominant feel.

Find it on: Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton

Did you know? Clapton refused to turn his Marshall combo down in the studio: to get his sound it needed to be flat out and producer Gus Dudgeon´s task was to get this previously unheard-of volume onto tape - which he did with historic success.

Track: And Your Bird Can Sing

Artist: The Beatles

Who played it: George Harrison and Paul McCartney

Genre: Pop

UK chart position: 1

Why it rocks: Whether or not this was the first dual lead guitar solo or not, the fact that it was played using naturally overdriven guitars (possibly Paul and George´s matching Epiphone Casinos) gave it a genuinely groundbreaking ‘modern´ sound. Harmonised in 3rds around the open E position, it was a complex piece of work for its day.

Find it on: Revolver

Did you know? John Lennon claimed that, apart from Dig A Pony (from Let It Be), this was the worst thing he ever wrote (but what did he know?)!