Vox amPlug Cabinet – hands on

Introducing the new Vox amPlug AP-CAB Cabinet - a dedicated speaker that turns Vox's pocket-sized headphone amPlug amps into desktop half-stacks.

The amPlug range has always impressed with its surprising pocket-sized amp tones, though now the amPlug range offers more than a quiet strum with the introduction of the super-cool looking amPlug Cabinet.

The amPlug is a powered speaker cabinet that comes in a groovy brown-styled Tolex finish with Vox's classic two-tone diamond grill cloth - we think you'll agree, that with an amPlug and miniature Baby Axe Brian May Red Special in tow (as above), it's a sweet looking half-stack indeed!

The amPlug Cabinet's 0.7-watt speaker will amplify any Vox amPlug, is compatible with headphones via the amPlug connection and is powered by either a single 9V battery or optional AC adapter, which means you can plug-in anytime, any place.

So, if you fancy yourself as a tabletop half-stack rocker, keep and eye out for the review of the amPlug Cabinet in issue 331 of Guitarist.