Marshall Counterfeit Warning

From Marshall Amplification

"It has been brought to the attention of Marshall Amplification that some internet auction sites and unscrupulous traders are selling counterfeit Marshall amplifiers. Whilst some appear to be similar, they are not manufactured to the same strict standards as official Marshall Amplification products and use inferior components and production techniques. These amplifiers do not offer the same quality and tone as genuine Marshall Amplification equipment and could potentially be dangerous.

"At Marshall Amplification, we build our amplifiers to the highest standards and place products through mandatory safety tests to ensure that you not only receive the world´s best sounding amplifier, but also a product that is totally safe and fit for purpose.

"Important : Illegal counterfeit goods not only affect manufacturers and retailers, but also the unsuspecting member of the public who buys such an item. Counterfeit goods will not be covered by any product warranty or returns policy and could potentially be hazardous to health. In many countries, not only is it illegal to sell counterfeit goods, but is also against the law to own them. Your counterfeit product could therefore be seized by customs or border control agencies, leaving you seriously out of pocket.

"Marshall Amplification only sell through authorised dealers and distributors to ensure that you receive quality service with your high quality Marshall product. We can therefore not guarantee that products advertised as Marshall and sold through alternative outlets, such as internet auction sites, are genuine. Proof of authenticity should always be sought from the vendor before purchasing amplification equipment in this manner. The best way to ensure that you are buying an official Marshall amplifier is to only buy through a reputable, authorised Marshall dealer, details of which can be found on our website.

"If you believe you have seen or been offered counterfeit Marshall products in your country, then you should contact your local law enforcement agency or customs house. To report sales of products in stores or over the internet to Marshall directly please send as much information as possible to

"Thank you for reading this important information and for your vigilance, only by working together can we stamp out counterfeiting."

If your amp looks like this, chances are it's dodgy...

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