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Jack & Bobby: Return of The Kings

Old-skool readers of Guitarist will remember the two crotchety Yorkshiremen who littered the CD with random and - let´s be fair - whippet and bitter-fueled ramblings back in the 1990´s.

Well, even they have succumbed to modern-day trappings and have set-up their own MySpace site that includes snippets from all classic Guitarist skits: Guide to Jazz, Guide to Blues and much more.

For those readers who still believe the CD and, indeed, the mag should be totally devoid of anything resembling a sense of humour, check the lads out and think how bad it could have been.

For everyone else who actually enjoys spending time outside on occasion knock the top off a pint of Gruttock´s Old Peculiar and prepare for tears of laughter to course down your cheeks yet again.

We´re still trying to coax them back onto the CD for one more go, but they´re not as hardy as they once were...bless.

Jack & Bobby here