Guitarist issue 355 - on sale now!

Guitarist issue 355

Guitarist issue 355

Only in issue 355 of Guitarist…


With a new album ready to go, the iconic guitarist tells us about his dislike of headphones, what fame means to him and why it's a Gibson Les Paul and Marshall amp all the way.

PLUS! On Guitarist Vault we have exclusive video of the man himself in conversation as well as a few choice licks wrangled from his own Appetite Les Paul

Jim Marshall

Our tribute to the Father Of Loud that includes some heartfelt comments from many of Marshall's greatest users and abusers

Eric Johnson

Just in time for his very first UK tour, with catch up with the Texan virtuoso to talk gear, the road and his new album Up Close

Elliot Randall

The Steely Dan man looks back as one of his most revered moments. There's also a four-part audio style file with full TAB.

Walter Trout

The US blues firecracker tells us about his new album and why it was finally time to retire his trusty Strat


We sat down with the Brit rockers' lead singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas and talked about his long-time love affair with the Fender Jazzmaster.

Joe Bonamassa - On the Road

In an exclusive video on Guitarist Vault, we go On The Road with Joe during his UK tour. We check out his awesome amp and effects rack, try out a few tones and even have a go on a Theremin

Frankfurt Messe Top 30

We track down the best gear from the floor of the biggest music show on earth

GJ2 Arete 5-Star & 4-Star

Two new models from legendary luthier Grover Jackson that mix high-end quality with sleek rock lines. We also have a chat with the man himself


  • Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar & 50th Anniversary Jaguar
  • Collings I35LC
  • Godin Core P90 & Core HB
  • Mariner Eunoia DEC & OME
  • Atkin AA AM Special
  • Hayden HGT-A40 head & HGT-A20 combo
  • Egnater Vengeance & Armageddon heads
  • TC Electronic The Dreamscape
  • Fender Modern Player Jaguar bass
  • Longterm Tests
  • Washburn J600
  • Alesis iO Dock
  • Sigma DR-45

On Guitarist Vault

Special Features…

  • Slash - in conversation
  • On The Road with Joe Bonamassa - gear, amps and tone

Video and audio demos of…

  • Fender 50th Anniversary Jaguar
  • Godin Core P90
  • Mariner Eunoia DEC
  • Hayden HGT-A40 head
  • Egnater Armageddon head
  • TC Electronic The Dreamscape
  • Fender Modern Player Jaguar bass
  • Patrick James Eggle Saluda Frank Carter Boneyard

Techniques columns…

  • Blues You Can Use - Texas Ice
  • Five Steps To Paul Kossoff
  • Acoustic Workshop - Ragtime
  • Shape Up - Palm Muting Basics
  • Exotic Scales - Phrygian


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