Dave Mustaine Auctioning Signature Dean Guitars


Dave Mustaine

is going to be auctioning some of his personal Korean-made signature Dean guitars soon. Here's the man himself with an update:

"With the incredible demand, and the constant orders being filled with Dean Guitars for the Dave Mustaine signature line, we had decisions to make in keeping up with the orders. This is a great problem to have, and because the 'Korean-made' Dean guitars are so remarkable, I agreed to play these while the USA models were being made, and to give my complete support and understanding as we got this new venture with Dean underway, and I have been so happy with any and all of the guitars they have presented me with that it wasn't until recently that I even remembered there was a difference! However, being one of the more finicky guitarists, I wanted to have the USA guitars for my collection, which is made up of several other brands I have in storage, and the rest are my quiver of Dean guitars.

"I have several of these incredible Dean Korean models, and I have conferred with Elliot Rubison [Dean Guitars head] that we are going to replace this arsenal of six-string weaponry — the Korean guitars — with the USA guitars.

"Here's where you come in: we are going to auction off all of my Korean ones. We are also going to take the winning bid and donate all the winnings (after the auction is closed and shipping and handling charges are deducted) to a (unnamed as of yet — deciding between two recipients still) charity this year.

"Dave McRobb [Mgadeth's webmaster] will be working with Dean and many of our partners to bring awareness of this auction before the holidays, and I encourage you, if you can't afford to bid for these killer Korean guitars, then you can show your support by just spreading the word (banners, fliers, whatev!) and drawing as much success for these menacing war toys, to benefit some needy children this Christmas.

"Until then, have a great holiday season, God bless you all, and thank you for your support."