Are Guitar Cabinets Cool?

A weird new guitar cab has crossed our bows. Although sadly only available in that America as we type, the Old Dog X-Cabinet, which is - yes - shaped like the letter X has to be the coolest cab we´ve ever seen.

Get more information here, and, loaded with a quartet of Celestion Vintage 30s, it´s far from a joke. Rather, it´s an attempt to re-evaluate the classic design once thought of by The Who and Jim Marshall himself.

But are cabs cool? Yes, and they are both big and clever, as anyone who´s played a decent tube head though a full stack will agree. A big fat 4x12 will, in turn, allow your tone to be, well, big and fat, and although turning up at the Boot & Bugger for your regular Friday night slot with a transit full of cabs might not adhere you to the landlord, you´ll have a great tone.

Of course, some players look great in front of a wall of cabs...check the mighty Paul Gilbert for starters...visit Paul's site here

But, of course, sometimes it can be the cabs themselves that are the stars.

How cool is this shot? But too loud? Maybe just a tadge...

Simon Bradley is a guitar and especially rock guitar expert who worked for Guitarist magazine and has in the past contributed to world-leading music and guitar titles like MusicRadar (obviously), Guitarist, Guitar World and Louder. What he doesn't know about Brian May's playing and, especially, the Red Special, isn't worth knowing.