All You Need Is Loop – Boss Loop Station Championships

Guitarist was recently invited to be part of the judging panel in Boss´s annual Loop Station Championships, held at The Bedford in Balham a couple of weeks back.

On the night, the regional finalists performed one song each, drawing on voices, guitars and various other noise-making devices to wow the judges and entertain the crowd. The rules were simple: you must use a looping device to record/overdub - with nothing pre-loaded into it - and your track can be no more than five minutes long. Anything else goes.

In the end there was one clear winner: DubFX from Bristol whose vocal-only performance astounded and entertained in equal measure as he beatboxed, sang and synthed his way to the top spot. Check him out on YouTube to see what we mean - utterly amazing. DubFX bagged a voucher for £1,000 of Roland and Boss gear as his prize.

DubFX at The Bedford

The judges were unanimous in our decision because DubFX used the looping device - a Boss RC-50 - as a musical instrument rather than a mere gimmick. His intelligent song construction and arrangement - plus the fact it was a good song in the first place! - made him stand out. DubFX received his prize from The Bedford's Tony Moore and Roland's Kevin Steel.

Tony Moore, DubFX and Roland's Kevin Steel

Want to get into looping or enter next year´s comp? Keep an eye on Roland's website and also Guitarist´s mag and blog for more information.

Editor-in-chief, Guitars Group