This month we put to test six of the best portable digital recorders to find which is the best for recording on the go. Also reviewed is the new mini-KP from Korg, the stripped-down version of the Kaoss Pad, and Roland´s all-in-one production studio, the MV8800. We speak to Amon Tobin, as well as Ben Edwards of Play Industries. The April issue is on sale now and is available from WH Smiths and all good newsagents. Here´s what else to look forward to…


The latest information and reviews on upcoming products, as well as other features such as

Tech Angst

. Scanner finds the time to feature

On Our Radar

and talks about found sound, and we also speak to the owner of some classic synth-toys.


As well as the portable recorder test, we´ve packed in plenty of new products that hail from all corners of the industry globe, including the new Yamaha MSP7s and the Korg mini-KP. We test out the massive Symphony Orchestra sound library from Sonic Implants, and the Kenton Killamix gets its knobs twiddled. We also test the DIY Acoustic Treatment System from Ghost Acoustics, and Line6 go soft with their Gearbox plug-in.

Altogether… Roland MV8800, Guyatone Optical Pedals, Korg mini-KP, Sonic Implants Orchestral Strings, Ghost Acoustics Acoustic Treatment System, Frostwave Sonic Alienator, Kenton Killamix Mini, Line 6 Gearbox, Yamaha MSP7 Studio, LinPlug Sophistry, Portable Recorders round-up… plus the usual mini reviews and album reviews!!


We caught up with Amon Tobin after the release of his new album The Foley Room and get some of the best tips on found sound recording. We talk to Play Industries about his impressive synth collection. Both these interviews feature exclusive DVD footage.


JD73 gives you part two of his Production Masterclass this issue, showing you how to record real and synth bass, as well as getting together the basic arrangement of your track.

In Studio Essentials, we have part two of the guide to basic strings, and techniques on using acoustic treatment.

Along with all that, we have pro vocal tips from our experts, and Steve Hillier helps you get the best out of your distortion in Make Better Music.


We´ve got our regular Three Of The Best, plus hardware synths, Ways To Stand Out, Sound Manglers and effects pedals… Your organised chart featuring some of the best gear around!



Amon Tobin´s engineer on recording the drums for the new album. Ben Edwards of Play Industries shows us around his vintage collection.


Sound FX: exclusive real-world sound effects (both processed and unprocessed), and a Rhodes Kontakt kit, featuring a selection of ready-to-use Rhodes samples.

JD73 also shows you how to get on with part two of his Masterclass, and we also have videos to accompany our Vocal Processing tips, and Studio Essentials features.

See the Juke Bots (the robotic DJ) in action here!

Plus the reader demos, reviews and more!