Going Live

With it seemingly being update season, Ableton have added to the already hefty list of DAW updates with the release of Live 7. Although there has been no confirmed release date (except Q4 of this year) the Beta release today has given some heavily anticipated insight into the 7's features, including:

- The regular audio engine update (64-bit mix summing, POW-r dithering and optimised sample rate conversion)

- Finally side-chaining, not only in compression, but for Auto Filter and Gate too!

- A new Spectrum analyser

- Warped and unwarped video rendering

- Subtle sexy updates to GUI, it's the little things...

- New instruments including Drum Rack - A combination of Impulse and Instrument Rack making it much easier to edit individual hits without complex routing

- Other new instruments include: Tension, Electric, Analog, Sessions Drums, Orchestral Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussions and Essential Instruments Vol 2.

If you buy Live 6 anytime between now and 1st Jan 2008, you can upgrade to Live 7 for free (which implies we won't be seeing an official release for at least a couple of months). Anyone else, it'll cost €419 for the download version and €499 for the boxed version (which includes the Essential Instruments Vol 2 package).

Keep your eyes on Future Music for a more in depth report and review coming soon...