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It's on sale now and it looks like this. Blinding!

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Sometimes, despite your better judgement and the impending threat of wasting your valuable time, it's good to make music just for the fun of it. And this month's coverstar, the eagerly awaited Teenage Engineering OP-1, is the perfect way to put your more off-the-wall ideas into practice. Portable, different, and fun, it sounds unique, feels superb and makes you smile. But above all, it makes you make music that would otherwise have not existed. Check out our exclusive review on and - as ever - our audio examples of its many features in action on our DVD.

Alongside a wealth of great new gear this month (respect to NI's Komplete 8 Ultimate, the PreSonus Studiolive 16.0.2 and Event's new 20/20BAS) we've a perfect duo of tutorial features this month. We get Fatter, Thicker and Lusher and make Bigger and Better Drums too.

And special thanks to star producer Avicii for his brilliant In The Studio With (don't miss his 60-minute video on DVD) and legend Andy Barlow of Lamb for giving us the story behind their unmistakable sound.

Read, listen and watch FM and we're sure that you'll be ready to make your own great new music. And here's a pair of trailers for our exclusive Avicii session to get you in the mood!

Short and sweet version:

Special extended remix:

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