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Technology has made it possible for a single producer to make an entire track. We can bypass cajoling the bass player into playing your bass part, or cursing the quirks of your drummer but - just like persuading a wayward bunch of musicians into playing along - getting the parts of your track to work together in a mix can be just as troublesome.

Fortunately, there's a powerful weapon we can use. Our Pro Producer's Guide To EQ this issue is all you need to understand and apply the important gifts that your hardware and DAW have given you. When to tweak a little, when to go overboard and - most importantly - to know when to walk away and let the sound do its thing.

Also this issue, watch out for a brilliant In The Studio With French House hero Fred Falke, as he makes an entire track just for you on DVD. And we get in the company of greatness as Adrian Utley of Portishead and Will Gregory of Goldfrapp show us around Will's studio (with video on the DVD, of course).

Just space left to point you at this month's supersynth review - the vast, powerful and amazing-sounding Jupiter-80 - and the hottest Nord yet - the similarly-sizey Stage 2 - gets tested to death inside.

Check out our Fred Falke in the studio teaser trailer here:

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