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Future Music Issue 237 On Sale Now

Reach for the sky - new issue of Future Music on sale now! And it looks like this.

Remember, if you have any problem finding in a store check out our list of international stockists here, or you can buy the issue online here, or you can subscribe and take advantage of the latest amazing offer here.

Y'know [pours large courvoisier, lights cigar] anyone who isn't actively playing out, promoting and peddling their music in 2011 isn't taking advantage of the opportunities that new technology has presented to them.

It can be a tough lesson to learn and the news that you have to play pushy businessman alongside your role as writer, producer and mastering engineer will doubtless shake some musicians to the core.

But this isn't the end of the world, it's a new beginning and getting on board is easier than you think. That's where Future Music and How To Release Your Music feature comes in. BOom!

There's practical advice, step-by-step instructions and clear descriptions of where to put your music and what to do with the money that results.

Similarly there's a triplicate of amazing artists giving you insight into their success this month. We get In The Studio With Kid Cudi, Eminiem and Kanye West producer Emile Haynie, go live with Booka Shade and kneel at the altar of UK Synth Pop legends Heaven 17.

Also arriving in threes are our synth reviews this issue. We've the exclusive Minimoog Voyager XL on page 76 and a pair of brilliant (less ornately-priced) alternatives in the shape of M-Audio's bargain Venom and Novation's does-the-lot UltraNova. We're sure you'll love all three.

Check out our latest trailer - starring Emilie Haynie - right here.