WIN plugins from eaReckon! €1758 of prizes, including eaReverb and ANALOG87!

For Computer Music 180's competition, we've teamed up with ace plug-in developers eaReckon to give away €1758 of their superb plug-ins.

• FOUR top-prize winners will score the first-place bundle, containing the splendid eaReverb (8/10,cm164), which provides smooth, natural-sounding reverb, and the awesome ANALOG87 Series (reviewed in cm180), where you'll find five ace EQ and dynamics plug-ins. With these powerful, musical plug-ins at your beck and call, you'll be that bit closer to creating your best mixes ever.

• TWO second place winners will each receive a copy of eaReverb (€129), while two third-placed readers get the ANALOG87 bundle (€99).

• TEN runners-up can choose any single ANALOG87 plug-in from the series (worth up to €39).

Like the Computer Music Facebook page to get the entry link, or find it on p81 of Computer Music 180. The deadline is 20 July 2012.

Visit for more on eaReckon's software.

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