The Musician's Guide to the Net

So you´ve made a great tune, or maybe even a handful of them. What next? It´s time to get your music out to the waiting ears of the world, and everyone knows now that the best way to do that is on the net…

But where do you start? Which music sites are best? How can you find an audience for your (totally unique) sound? How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? And will people actually pay for your tracks? For answers to all these questions and more, you need

The Musician´s Guide to the Net


Learn how to:

• find the best places to showcase your music

• go viral

• make a killer YouTube video

• build a music website step-by-step

• be your own PR

• earn money from your musical enterprises

• and more!

The accompanying disc features a complete toolkit for budding webmeisters.

Computer Music Special 28: The Musician´s Guide to the Net

is available now in the UK and Europe from selected WH Smith, Borders and good independent newsagents. Rest of the world on sale dates coming soon - or if you just can´t wait, order online now from