The Fast Guide to Synthesis

Explore your options

Find out which type of synthesis will get your creative juices flowing. Learn the theory and try the techniques with hands-on guides to subtractive, additive, FM, physical modelling, modular and wavetable synthesis

Sound design

Improve on existing patches or make your own sounds from scratch with our step-by-step tutorials covering the most legendary and popular sounds. All the tools you need are on the included disc

Top 10 synths

We round up the most favoured commercial and free synths

Virtual vs vintage

Vintage hardware synths battle it out with their software clones. Can you hear the difference?

Exclusive patches

On the disc - a collection of 800+ upfront new sounds

Computer Music Special vol.26: The Fast Guide to Synthesis is available from:

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North America: Selected Borders, Barnes & Noble and Chapters outlets. ON SALE 10 DECEMBER

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