PRS stumps up £50,000 to inspire original new music

It´s been described as the music industry´s equivalent of a Turner Prize, and it´s back! The PRS Foundation for Music is once again providing £50,000 to encourage the creation of an imaginative and original piece of new British music.

Here´s the skinny from the PRS Foundation website:

“The New Music Award is the most financially significant award for music in the UK. It champions pioneering new music and provides a significant level of money towards one adventurous and challenging new musical work. Allowing total creative freedom, the Award is open to absolutely anyone - individuals, groups, organisations, consortia - working in any genre and artistic context.

The New Music Award recognises those who are pushing the boundaries of new music, who are taking artistic risks and producing exceptional work. It seeks inspiring, challenging, pioneering and creatively-adventurous music.

Rather than being retrospective, the New Music Award has challenged the UK's creative music community to extend the boundaries of its work. The award is not a cash reward for the winner´s existing work but will, in effect, provide £50,000 towards the creation and performance of a piece of new British music.

With this award the PRS Foundation seeks to ignite the imagination of the creative community and also dramatically raise the profile and level of debate around new British music (much in the same way that the Turner Prize does for contemporary British art). “

Details on how to enter will be made available nearer to the competition´s 10th of September start date. Entries will have to be made by 8th January 2010, and presumably will have to be slightly more sophisticated than “give me £50,000 to spend on plug-ins and drugs”.

So, if you had £50,000 to make your musical ambitions come true, what would you spend it on?