Producer Silvio Ecomo digs R.I.P., our CM Special-exclusive synth

Cutting-edge producers will go to great lengths to get their hands on the freshest sounds, and Dutch techno/house producer and DJ Silvio Ecomo is no exception. When the dirty-beats supremo heard that our next CM Special - entitled 99 Free Plug-ins - was to include a brand-new exclusive synth from Krakli Software, he somehow managed to get his hands on an advance copy, and much to our surprise, sent us a review!

The synth causing all the excitement is a dual-oscillator creation called R.I.P. Silvio says, "I'm very excited about the sound-shaping abilities of R.I.P. It has much to offer once you get under the hood. Although it has a great arpeggiator, I personally like to stack its two synth engines to construct a fat electro sound and use the filters and drive to bring out nasty harmonics. After that, I start working the effects. Love the reverbs - good quality! The envelopes are really tight and allow me to make the sounds nice and punchy, or long and sweeping.

"Sometimes you really need an escape from the popular and commercial synths currently on the market, so many times I will find myself searching for hidden gems. Ian (Krakli) has done a great job making one here and CM has put together a great collection of free plug-ins once again. At the moment, I'm working on new releases as Silvio Ecomo and tracks for DJ Chuckie's upcoming album and I'm definitely going to use R.I.P. for some bass and lead sounds."

Krakli's R.I.P. is available exclusively with Computer Music Special 44: 99 Free Plug-ins!, available from 20 October in the UK. The magazine/DVD also comes with 98 more top-quality instruments and effects plugs-ins, all lovingly selected for you by the CM team, plus trackers, DAWs, utilities and more. Looks like the season of giving has come early!

Computer Music Special 44 is on the UK newsstands from 20 October. Available online and in Europe from 27 October, North America from 17 November and ROW from 1 December. Stockists: selected branches of WH Smith, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, independent newsagents or online from MyFavouriteMagazines.

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