Point Blank share their top ten remixing tips

Online music technology college Point Blank have their fair share of successful alumni, including the likes of Producer Masterclass interviewee Tayo, X-Factor winner Leona Lewis, and top remixers such as Detboi, Gareth Wyn and Jahawi.

To celebrate their success at tutoring the remixing stars of the future, Point Blank have shared their top ten remixing tips with us. Take it away guys…

Nothing can completely explain the inexact science that leads to a phenomenal remix. But while there's no foolproof recipe for a banging version, if you follow these guidelines, you'll be well on the right track:

1. Listen to the original first - consider what you would like to do that takes it in a more personal direction.

2. Don't listen to the original first (only for the headstrong) - who cares what the original sounds like? Do what you want!

3. If you know any of the other remixers find out what direction they are heading and make sure you do something different.

4. Once you've loaded up the parts get rid of those that you don't need; a bit of arrangement window feng shui helps to keep you calm under pressure.

5. Ask the client (label/artist) what they want from the remix. For example, do they want the vocal left as it is? Will they allow you to stretch it to another tempo? Some big labels or artists won't.

6. Get the main hook locked down as soon as you can. Set up an 8 bar cycle and get it sounding hot. The rest should come easily once that's done.

7. Think about the target market. If it's club make sure you have plenty of beats on the intro and outro for DJs to mix with. If it's radio keep the length down; between three and three and a half minutes will be enough.

8. If you've been given 24-bit audio files by the client then make sure you bounce the final version for them at 24-bit too (only dither if you want to burn to CD).

9. Bounce two versions - one with a bit of DIY mastering (to play to the client) and another without (they should be paying a professional to master your remix).

10. Don't share your remix with anyone unless the label gives you permission - you do want to work for them again don't you?

There you have it! You can check out Point Blank's music production courses here.


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