Optimus Primed

It´s that time of year when the CM staff start thinking about what they´d like in their Christmas stockings. Eschewing modern ethical gifts such as farming tools for an impoverished third world community, CM´s Christmas list is chock full of expensive, disposable consumer items such as the Optimus Maximus.

This extremely posh computer keyboard must rate as one of the most decadent (yet potentially useful) peripherals we´ve ever come across. The keyboard is special because its keys are actually stand-alone displays - basically little tiny monitors little tiny monitors that can be programmed to adapt to your software. This means that rather than having to remember the function of each key in your audio application, you can merely take a glance of your keyboard to be reminded of the function of each and every key. The keyboard even comes with software you can use to customise its function, so even if no one creates a profile for your favourite bit of software, you can dive right in and do it yourself.

While the primary function of Optimus Maximus must surely be to look good, the potential for getting more out of your software is there too - check out this demo including a Photoshop profile.

It´s not too hard to imagine how this might translate to an audio app, but with a price tag of $1564 for the full-on, 113 key version, we´re not racing to get our wallets out just yet. If you simply must own a piece of this cool technology, how about the booby-prize 1 key version at a mere $463? You need never again wonder what will happen the next time you touch the space bar…