Native Instruments plug-ins check out

Native Instruments' Komplete 5 will be launched on Monday, it includes three exciting new additions; the excellent Massive synth, plus the all-new Kontakt 3 and Guitar Rig 3 Software Edition, which will be reviewed in the next issue of CM. The price of the package might have dropped £300 to £700, but long-time NI fans will be sad to see that Vokator and Spektral Delay are no longer a part of the bundle, and have in fact been discontinued.

We asked Native Instruments mouthpiece Tobias Thon if he had any words of comfort for those mourning the loss of these plug-ins:

"The discontinuing of Vokator and Spektral Delay shouldn't worry existing users too much, because both products are very mature, and tech support will still be available. So users can use these tools for a long time to come, until they decide to fundamentally update their computer setup in a way that breaks compatibility."

So what of the future - will Vokator or Spektral Delay see the light of day in another form perhaps?

"In general, Reaktor is NI's all-in-one offer for people looking for unique and sophisticated effects. FFT-based effects in particular are not a part of the Reaktor 5 factory library, but the user library already shows that FFT is also possible in this environment. If NI should decide to design more FFT-based effects in the future, it would likely be within a forthcoming version of Reaktor."

For more details on Komplete 5, see the Native Instruments website.