Laptop laughs: Lenovo deflate MacBook Air, and a portable PS3

In CM125's review of the MacBook Air, we concluded that Apple had perhaps got carried away with their 'thinnovative' philosophy and spread certain features a little too thinly, at least for it to be of much use to computer musicians. With a mere single USB port - and no FireWire, optical drive or even a minijack input - it's not hard to imagine running into connectivity problems with anything other than a totally minimal setup.

Which brings us nicely onto Lenovo's genuinely funny spoof MacBook Air advert, poking fun at the world's thinnest laptop by suggesting that to cram an Air setup equivalent to their new X300 model into a standard manila folder would be, er, pushing the envelope somewhat. Check it out…

Meanwhile, over at CDM, Peter Kirn is musing over the possibilities of Lenovo's IdeaPad U110 as a music machine (opens in new tab), and again, comparisons with that slimline Apple slice are being drawn.

Finally, in further laptop news, Engadget recently auctioned off this jaw-dropping PS3 portable (opens in new tab) built by modification maestro Ben Heck (opens in new tab).

It was recently auctioned off on eBay (opens in new tab) for charity. However, despite a whip-round in the CM offices to stump up the cash, we fell a little short of the closing price of $9051. The proud owner of this 16-pound beast is surely enjoying GTA4 wherever they may be, and having the time of their life in doing so. On the contrary, we feel that every minute spent not playing Rockstar's destined-to-be-classic steal-'em-up is a waste of ours. Sigh.