Free EQ plugins with Computer Music 179: DDMF CM EQ Pack

We're giving away two fantastic, pro-quality EQ plugins with Computer Music 179! The DDMF CM EQ Pack contains two free plugins for PC and Mac, in AU and VST plugin formats.

IIEQ Pro CM is an all-purpose EQ, whereas LP10 is focused more on mastering, offering linear phase and variable phase operation. The plug-ins are based on DDMF's highly regarded IIEQ Pro and LP10 plugins.

Both plug-ins have the following features:

• Six bands of EQ
• Click and drag on graph to create and edit EQ bands
• Create/edit EQ bands directly via lower parameter strip
• A/B comparison
• Adjustable graph scale (-5:5dB, -10:10dB, -20:20dB)
• Use mouse-wheel to adjust band Q
• Hold Ctrl to "auto-listen" to the band
• Output gain dial

IIEQ Pro CM features:

• 19 filter types in total: 12 standard, 7 Butterworth
• Analogue- and digital-style peak/bell filters
• Low and high shelving filters
• 12dB/24dB low- and high-pass filters
• Band-pass filtering with compensated/normalised mode
• All-pass filter
• 7 Butterworth filters, with up to 10th order operation, for super-steep filtering
• Unusual Butterworth band-shelf filter - like a flat-topped bell/peak!
• Series or parallel operation (useful in conjunction with all-pass mode, for phasing effects)

LP10 CM features:

• Fully adjustable phase for each EQ band
• Sweep smoothly ase from minimum phase (ie, normal digital EQ) to linear to inverse minimum phase
• Global linear phase and minimum phase buttons, for convenience
• Built-in stereo width adjustment (useful for mastering)
• Standard peak/bell, 12dB low-pass and 12dB high-pass filters
• "Flex" filters: peak, notch, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, low-shelf and high-shelf
• Smoothly adjust the slope of the Flex filters, from 6dB/octave up to 60dB/octave

The full, paid-for versions of IIEQ Pro and LP10 offer the following additional features:

• 10 bands instead of 6
• Built-in spectrum analyser
• Stereo and mid/side operation

Get the DDMF CM EQ Pack now with the print edition ofComputer Music 179.
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