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• TWO exclusive free plug-ins!

Only with the June 2007 edition of CM, not one but


free plug-in instruments for PC! Unknown 64 CM, by Odo, is a supercharged Commodore 64 SID chip emulator that promises to bring a distinctly retro edge to your arrangements; while Krakli´s CMorg VSTi takes us even further back in time to the golden age of the electromechanical organ, drawbars and all.

Both are on this month´s disc, accompanied by start-up tutorials in the magazine.

• 2175 royalty-free samples

Bring that introspective vibe to your music with our 1500-strong 24-bit emo sample collection, comprising a wealth of guitar and bass riffs, plenty of drums and all manner of other tear-jerking sounds. Plus: 675 24-bit Specialist samples from rachMiel and Richard James, and five modular mini-acapellas from session singer DMO. As ever, all of this month´s samples are totally exclusive and utterly royalty-free!

• EXCLUSIVE BK tutorial video

Hard dance superstar BK invites us into his London studio to check out some of the production techniques that have put him at the top of this game. Witness useful teachings on kick drum isolation, getting your synths to pump through sidechaining, processing a stereo mix to create ‘mini-fills´ and more.


• Trackers!

The original ‘do-it-all-in-your-PC´ music software, the seemingly humble tracker has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, while still retaining its traditional QWERTY-operated, hexadecimal roots. Today´s trackers boast such DAW-like features as 32-bit floating point mixing and VST plug-in support, and are nearly all available for free. In this month´s cover story, we look back over the history of the software and its scene, talk to some of its most famous advocates and show you how to create a track using nothing but the amazing Renoise.

• Make music online

If you haven´t discovered the wonders of online music collaboration yet, you´re missing out on (quite literally) a whole world of possibilities. We take to the web with the new and improved, and walk you through the process of starting up your very own internet recording studio.

• The CM Guide to Tracktion 3

Mackie´s achingly innovative DAW reaches version 3, introducing loads of powerful new features aimed at die-hard Tracktioneers and newcomers to the software alike. Our guide reveals the most exciting of them and how to best put them to use in you tracks.

• Tune up your PC!

Is your machine starting to show its age? Are the demands of the latest plug-ins sending your system into a tailspin? Time, then, for an overhaul. This month, we offer up a selection of tried and tested system tweaks, advice on what you should be looking for in terms of replacement components, and a comprehensive guide to effective hard disk partitioning for music PCs.


• Sound Like… Klaxons

• Produce vocals like Ferry Corsten and Todd Edwards

• Effects action with Nebula3 CM (free on the DVD)

• Synth Essentials: Vector synthesis

• Off the Dial: Gestalt theory


Arturia Jupiter-8V, LennarDigital Sylenth1, Vestax VCI-100, Akai MPD24, MAGIX VE|Suite, LinPlug Organ 3, SoundToys Native Effects V3 and more!


• Kid Beyond interviewed

• Win Korg´s Legacy Collection and Kontrol49 keyboard controller!

• Nine pages of readers´ questions answered

• The Burning Question: How do I build my own plug-ins?

• Reader music reviewed

• And oh, so much more!

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