Computer Music issue 220 – PERFECT PITCH – September 2015

Computer Music 220 is available in the shops and digitally now!
Computer Music 220 is available in the shops and digitally now!

VIDEO for EVERY TUTORIAL, 40+ VST/AU plugins for FREE, 500 samples and more, with Vault download for whichever format you choose.


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**(NOTE: KSP video only available with Print & Apple Newsstand editions)


What's the most important ingredient in any kind of music? The notes! And with technology having reached the bedazzling heights of Melodyne and Auto-Tune, not to mention the high-quality pitchshifting found in nearly every modern DAW, it's time we showed you how to master these essential tools once and for all. Heck, we even give you a professional-grade harmoniser/pitch-correction plugin for FREE - get ready for zplane Vielklang 2 CM!

Over 15 pages and 18 expert videos, you'll learn…

  • Pitchshifting basics with your DAW or plugins
  • Manual tricks and techniques to get the best results possible
  • Instant harmonies with your amazing new FREE zplane plugin
  • Make your own modulation effects using pitch plugins
  • Tune drum hits and loops without compromising their top end
  • Extreme pitch tricks to create wild vocal effects

…and loads more.

Here's a taster of what's in store in this huge feature:

FREE PLUGIN - vielklang 2 CM

The pitch and time scientists over at zplane have come up with this huge giveaway, exclusive to Computer Music readers. vielklang 2 CM is not only a plugin at the cutting-edge of pitch-correction, it can also create harmonies. Choose your scale and chord progression, then watch the plugin create stunning-sounding results -you can even control the individual voices' panning and levels.

We'll show you just what vielklang 2 CM can do in the below video, and you can check out its full spec to get yourself acquainted.


This pack of 500 samples has been handcrafted by DnB maestro BCee for CM readers. Get this collection of beats, bass, synths, keys, vocals and more on the DVD with the print edition, or download them from our online Vault with the digital editions. See what BCee has to say about them -and find out how he made them - in the mag.


It's widely recognised as the most comprehensive and trusted sampler out there, but have you ever given more than a cursory glance into the functions behind Native Instruments' super sampler? Now, we'll let you peer deeper into this comprehensive instrument, giving you the skills to control modulation, set up vocoder-like sonic imprints, slice and affect beats and breaks, morph between sounds and more.


PreSonus have just dropped the third version of their mega-DAW, seriously souping it up for 2015. Across 11 expert videos, we'll give you an in-depth crash course in Studio One's new instruments and effects, its new interface and workflow structure, its new macro instruments and effects, and every other significant update. And if you haven't checked out Studio One yet, these tutorials will give you a whistle-stop tour - could it be the One for you?

PRODUCER MASTERCLASS - see what KSP gets up to in the studio

After hanging up his DnB hat - at least for now - Chris Jarman, formerly known as Raiden, is making his way in the techno world under the new alias Kamikaze Space Programme. KSP's new sound is stripped-down but atmospheric, and Chris shows us exactly how he goes about putting his tracks together in this in-studio video. Watch as KSP breaks down his remix of Emika's Battles in Ableton Live, and pick up pro production know-how along the way.

Here's part one of this in-studio odyssey - you can get the whole thing with the Print or Apple Newsstand editions of cm220.


  • Designer Sounds: Whip up an atmospheric storm that'll work as a moody intro layer, fit for soundtrack work or your next tune.
  • Dr Beat: Use ghost notes to make any rhythm sound more authentic - drumming expert Ronan Macdonald shows you how.
  • Geek Technique: Get your elements' mid/side balance right at the sound-design stage with mix engineer Owen Palmer's advice.
  • Music Theory: Struggling to write a catchy tune? It ain't easy, but with Dave Clews' pointers, you'll soon get your melodies into shape.


  • Benge: Marvel at his collection of rare and vintage hardware synths, and hear what advice this old-hand synthesist has to offer about sound-design in this six-page interview.
  • Universal Audio: We scratch the surface of the story behind their emulations as we talk to Director of Product Management Lev Perrey.
  • Heretic: Find out the top-five software solutions that he uses to craft his tunes.


  • Image-Line FL Studio 12
  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere
  • Future Audio Workshop Circle2
  • Akai Professional Advance 49
  • Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II
  • Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP mkII
  • Sonic Charge Echobode
  • HoRNet Channel Strip MK3

PLUS 16 more reviews


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**(NOTE: KSP video only available with Print & Apple Newsstand editions)

***Producer Masterclass video is not currently downloadable. Apple Newsstand readers can watch it directly inside the app via internet streaming. Print edition includes Producer Masterclass on the DVD. Other digital formats inc. Zinio & Google Play do not include Producer Masterclass video.

cm220 is on sale now in the UK, Apple Newsstand and Zinio. Overseas dates for print edition are roughly: USA + 4 weeks after UK / Australia +8 weeks / Europe +2 weeks / South Africa +6 weeks / Canada +4 weeks

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